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Online course
"Communicate like a PRO: professional communication skills"
GlobalLogic, part of Hitachi group, digital products developer.
Creating an educational product for students and young professionals that will help them master the skills of modern work ethics and will come in handy for professional development and successful employment.
What we did
We created a video course with GlobalLogic’s professionals as speakers. They had already built a successful career in a big international company and had plenty of experience and case studies to share.

For this, we defined the idea and the concept for the course, conducted market research, created detailed scenarios for every video, prepared each speaker individually, recorded the lectures, edited the videos and gave our client the final product.

As a result, we had 8 short video lectures that were devoted to the vital skills for the future of work. Every lecture is a stand-alone study material for mastering one skill. You can watch the video in any order.
Cooperation with external partners is always a challenge. You need to find like-minded people who would both get you and be passionate about the collaboration. I believe that our work with Loud&Proud Agency is a great example of successful cooperation. The team showed a high level of professionalism during the process of refining the request, planning, preparing, and implementing the project. Also, the quality of communication and involvement showed us that these professionals genuinely like what they do.

Together with the Loud & Proud Agency team, we created two online courses: "Communicate like a PRO" and "IT WAKE UP". The preparation and creation of such products was a new experience for us, and it was important for us to develop them quickly and efficiently, given the increasing level of requirements for online content since the beginning of lockdown. I am happy with the results of our work - the courses are vivid, the videos are interesting to watch, and the speakers participated in the creation of the course with great pleasure. The advantages of the Loud&Proud Agency team include the quality of preparation and flexibility when dealing with the customer requirements, as well as the clarity and transparency of the process, starting from the first request for a partnership and ending with the final reports.
Company feedback
Ievgen Sakalo
Head of GlobalLogic Ukraine University Program