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Online student hackathons "Farmak Science Start" and "Farmak Science Start 2.0"
JSC "Farmak" is the leader of the pharmaceutical market in Ukraine*. Its product portfolio consists of 220 complex modern drugs. The company exports its products to 28 countries.
*in terms of sales in money terms according to Proxima Research
Develop the programs for two hackathons, host them and administer all processes - from the registration of participants to collecting feedback from them after the event.
What we did
We organized and hosted both online hackathons. The first was attended by 36 brightest students. Three of them took part in the internship and were later employed by the company.

The second hackathon had 32 participants. All of them received certificates of participation in the event (a nice addition to their resumes), and the opportunity to be enrolled in the company’s internship program. The winners were also invited to a field trip to "Farmak".

Our team undertook the development of the hackathon program. We worked with participants and mentors and coordinated all processes during the event.

We also added several nice touches during the second hackathon, Farmak Science Start 2.0. We launched a promotional campaign to attract the right audience, updated the visual style of the event, designed branded products, and included them in the gift packages for the participants of the hackathon. We collected feedback after the event and prepared recommendations for "Farmak" outlining possible future improvements in the organization of the event.
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"Farmak Science Start" and "Farmak Science Start 2.0" hackathons are landmark events for students majoring in pharmaceutical sciences. Not only do they expand the boundaries of their knowledge, but also provide them with an opportunity to gain unique scientific experience under the guidance of our mentors.

"Farmak" always puts high requirements on our partners, as our goal is very ambitious - to encourage young people to stay and develop their careers in our country.

And yes, L&P Agency has been our partner for several years in a row. Thanks to our cooperation, this year we went international, as foreign students participated in the hackathon. Thank you for your professionalism, creativity, and high level of event organization.
Company feedback
Roman Smishko
Head of Research and Development Department, JSC "Farmak"