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"Fozzytron" Hackathon for students and an internship at Fozzy Group
Fozzy Group is the management company of the eponymous food retail group, which includes retail chains (Silpo, Fora, etc.), restaurants and other businesses. Fozzy Group is Ukraine’s largest food retail group.
Launch a promotional campaign, collect the applications for the internship program, and conduct the initial selection of participants. Organize a turn-key offline hackathon, evaluate the final candidates, and select 15 winners. Finally, administer the final interview process with managers and develop individual plans for 15 interns.
What we did
We gradually planned, launched, and coordinated various processes for the selection of candidates for internships:

We launched a promotional campaign on youth and student channels intending to collect applications for the program through the online game.

We coordinated all administrative and recruitment processes after the selection of applications based on the results of the online game. More than 900 applications were collected from young people from all over Ukraine. 200 participants were selected. A recruiter conducted individual interviews with 130 candidates. Lastly, 43 best candidates were invited to take part in the hackathon.

We organized a turn-key hackathon "Fozzytron" for selected potential interns. They worked on a task for two days in a hybrid format – both offline on-site and online with the team (individual work on the project). As a result, 3 winning teams were selected. From them, the 15 best participants for the final interviews with the department heads were selected. These participants became interns in 6 different departments.

Developed individual internship plans for all interns for the entire internship period.
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Video: "Fozzytron" Hackathon for students from Fozzy Group
In 2021, we launched a leadership internship project at Fozzy Group and were looking for experienced and flexible partners to organize the selection process. This was the first time such a program was being launched, so it was important to us that contractors share and pass on to the participants our value of hospitality, and also offer original solutions and best market practices. We found everything we wanted in a partnership with Loud&Proud Agency.

With this agency, everything was clear at once - the stages of work, areas of responsibility, and the results we will achieve together. Cooperation was accompanied by transparent communication, original ideas, and clarity.

The project was implemented at a high level, and we still consult with the team on various topics. It is very nice when you are treated not as just a customer, but as a partner and member of the community. We look forward to working with Loud&Proud again!
Company feedback

Kateryna Hlukhova

Head of Employer Branding, Fozzy Group