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"HR Intern" Hackathon for Metinvest
Metinvest is a Ukrainian international mining and metallurgical group of companies with 24 enterprises in Ukraine, the EU and the USA.
Host a hackathon with the goal of quickly onboarding 50 interns who were enrolled in a summer HR internship program.
What we did
We organized and hosted a hackathon. Participants were united in teams, worked on solving a case from the HR department for 30 hours in a row and then presented their ideas to the jury.

We developed and organized an educational program, crafted a detailed scenario, and undertook all organizational tasks for the event realization.

As a result, the interns comfortably became part of the Metinvest working system, while also becoming closer to each other and other Metinvest employees.
Video: "HR Intern" Hackathon for Metinvest
L&P Agency organized an event for the interns of the HR department at Metinvest. The agency team took on the entire process from coming up with the concept to hosting the event.

The hackathon exceeded all our expectations! We managed to achieve two key goals - to introduce interns to the company's employees and gather ideas for improving business processes. The participants of the hackathon had a unique experience of interacting with Metinvest.

The agency's specialists were incredibly engaged in the project, so the cooperation was easy and pleasant. We are completely satisfied with the work of L&P Agency and recommend them as a reliable partner.
Company feedback
Veronika Zaliznyuk
HR Business Partner Metinvest